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 Shadows of Time

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Midnight Dragon
Midnight Dragon

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PostSubject: Re: Shadows of Time   Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:10 pm

Name: Kreia Hunter
Age: 23
Race: Sik'la demigod
Gender: Female
Power: In times of extreme duress, the deity that dwells inside her can split apart from her body, assuming her original, tangible shape. This places extreme wear on the mortal body; a few moments is all it takes for Kreia to collapse, unconscious, when Sedna walks seperate. An hour would cause irreparable damage to her body, a day would leave her crippled physically, and the next to be chipped away at is her mind. Two days, and Kreia would die, leaving Sedna to wait dormant in the bloodline for the next available host.
Weapon: Kreia prefers to lay traps for her enemies, but there is not a weapon that Sedna, the great Huntress and Executioner, cannot use.
Bio: If the interaction of the gods in every day life was not enough to confirm the Sik'la faith, the nature of the female deities only clinches the general belief. Though they once existed as their male counterparts do, they adapted with the growth and development of those who worship them, becoming a more integral part of their society. They attached themselves to family cults that long ago devoted the bulk of their prayer and offerings to their house goddess. Over time, the goddesses became part of the bloodline itself, the essence of the family. Every third generation or so, after the last one died, the goddess would plant itself in the core of the youngest daughter, ideally in infancy, to lie dormant while she grew and matured. Throughout adolescence, the goddess slowly wakens from her hibernation, until in adulthood mortal and deity dwell side-by-side in one body, two seperate consciousnesses taking cooperative turns.
Sedna is atypical in that she lets Kreia remain the dominant mind in most matters, surfacing only when she must, as either Huntress of Executioner, exact justice for some wrong, dogmatic or otherwise. She is the core of the moral integrity of the society, viciously enforcing the laws set down by her brother Creon and tracking down those who dare to disobey. The end is typically lethal.
Kreia does not so much oppose the bloodshed, though she wishes it was not necessary. She holds just as strictly to a rigid sense of right and wrong as her counterpart, leaving her perhaps a touch judgmental. But to those who she deems good, decent people, she is nothing but kind and compassionate, whereas Sedna remains proud and distant. It is not unusual for her to put herself in the line of danger, despite Sedna's warnings and chastisement, to protect those she feels deserve it.
Appearance: Kreia:
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Midnight Dragon
Midnight Dragon

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PostSubject: Re: Shadows of Time   Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:11 pm

Name: Indira Cassalien
Age: 748
Race: Dark elf
Gender: Female
Power: She can take herself and one other person at a time out of phase with the world around her just enough that she can touch and see it, but it can neither touch nor see her. Cold Iron still causes her some pain when out of phase, but it is a fraction of what it would be, and so long as she remains distant through the duration of the contact, she will not suffer from the Sickness.
Weapon: She is an expert with all manner of small blades, most of which are barely longer than her fingers and thus easily hidden on her person. The size of her weapons guarantees that she'll be close enough to her prey to feel them die.
Bio: No one who knew Indira as a child would recognize the woman she has become, seven centuries later. But then, everyone who could remember the confused, sickly little girl she had been is long since dead. She grew up in a household full of love and felt none of it. From parents who doted on her strong, successful elder brother, she received only resentment for the weakness of the strange disease that all but crippled her through adolescence, leaving her dependent on their care and effectively destroying their lives as they had known them. For decades, she was saddled with the guilt of that, and wanted, in her youth and childish love for her parents, nothing more than to fade away and make them happy.
By the time the sickness ran its course and finally left her, she found that she almost could. Now a young adult, she could choose to interact with the world, or simply step back and let it move on around her. This was a decision she left to her parents, and they were bitter enough to tell their daughter to stop interfering in their lives.
And so she did. For a decade, she existed entirely out of phase, growing further and further away that by the end of it she had to struggle to touch the food she needed to stay alive. In those ten years, she watched people, her parents, her brother. He became a hunter, the most prolific in their town, and he was greeted with adoring praise whenever he came home bearing a trophy from his latest kill. Half the time, the animals he killed were not for food, for any purpose other than proving that he could, that he was stronger and smart and thus better than the creature he killed.
That was a sort of logic she could understand. Embrace, even.
Wanting nothing more than the love of her parents, she killed her brother, proved that she was better, more worthy of their love. But when she brought home his head as trophy, she was met only with horror and rage. There was no joy at seeing their daughter return victorious, stonger now than she ever had been before. They called her monster.
So Indira took the high road.
She killed them, too. But just to make sure she was right. Over and over again, she had to prove to the people she had known that she was right.
Everyone died, and not a single person among them validated her struggle. Not one justified what she had done by accepting her, by offering some shadow of love. So she kept looking, far and wide, and there were none who would accept the only survivor of the strange blight that befell her home. And she kept killing them to prove that she was better than them, that she had been generous to offer them her company.
Over the centuries, it has become less a search for someone to accept her and more a hunt for a struggle, a challenge. Andivar offered her the place she had been looking for, and in his quest to collect his prizes, she has found her journey to find the one thing she really wants.
A worthwhile death.
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Shadows of Time
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